Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Life of Riley

I live a great life.  That’s right - I ain’t no divorced private detective - getting the shit beat out of me every other day - shit! I ain’t even a private detective.  But, I am living a “life of Riley,” and for you youngsters, “Riley” was the name of a gent (on tv) back in the 50’s - who supposedly lived a great life, therefore the phrase “Life of Riley,” became identified (to those of us in the know) as describing someone living a good life.  It was, btw, the name of the tv show.

but, I digress..

I do live a great life.  Number uno/one/1 - I don’t have to work.  I’m retired and my financial  situation is in great shape so I have ‘no worries,’ kind of like Alfred E.  Newman, another name that only ‘those in the know,’ - know.

digressing again, sorry

Number 2 - I get sex every 2-3 days, although, it’s not with my wife.  She (wife) cut me off about 8 months ago.  So… I’ve had to “make do on my own,” which is something I’ve been doing since I was 12 (as far as sex is concerned).

btw, I am particularly particular about having too many sexual partners, so I limit my ‘girlfriends’ to - two.  Both ladies are in their 50’s, unmarried, and not looking to get married, or have any kind of a “live in/together”  relationship - which works well for all concerned - cause that’s my philosophy also.

Most all my evenings/nights I’m either getting fucked up or already am, which helps me to get through those nights.  It’s a ‘guilt/pleasure’ thing - kinda like that C/W singer who sang about “having a thinking thing,” which was a play on words .. i.e. “I have a drinking thing.”

digressing again….

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