Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Part 1
After killing (the act of flipping to the end) the latest “Best Seller” I was reading this afternoon, I decided a trip to the library was needed.  And - then - I changed my mind and decided going to the library would be a colossal waste of my time.

Therefore, I decided to type these words describing what’s on my mind - presently.

Sitting in the cave (my hideaway in my home) I’m smoking some really good weed, drinking diet Mt. Dew laced with “Absolut Vodka,”  while contemplating things.

Btw, I have no illusions about being a ‘writer.’  However, I am a thinker, and my thoughts however put on this white screen, are in no way made inconsequential by my lack of writing proficiency.

Society dictates proper writing anyway, and “society” sucks if you ask me.  Society is responsible for much of what is wrong with us.  Just think about it for a mini-second; What has told us for decades that marijuana is bad for us?  Times up; Answer is; Society

Oh, the punch line?  Yes, Yes, and what do we know today about marijuana?  Times up: Answer is; just put “medical” in front of marijuana; enough said; FULL-STOP.

So, bottom line.  We have spent decades (and millions of dollars) locking people up for smoking weed, while at the same time depriving ourselves of the medical benefits of this natural drug.  Did you notice I said - “natural drug?” 

We have society to thank for that.

There are many, many examples of how society screws us, the marijuana example is just one. 

Part 2

President Trump.  

No words today, except to say I don’t think he will be the POTUS come this Xmas, and if there was a Santa Claus I would be asking him/her for that - for xmas.  Another societal miscarriage of common sense; the invention of Santa Claus.