Sunday, February 5, 2017

Since leaving FB I've felt the utmost freedom.  It has been 'so good' to get away from that ... piece of shit place.

Also, it's made me realize just how 'un-important' it is and that the same thing applies to political issues.  I could give a good god-damn about politics.  Let Trumpus do whatever he and his fellow pigs feel like; I won't be bothered by them. 

After all, at 68 I've already got the 'hay in the barn' which THEY CAN'T TOUCH so... I'm not concerned with anything other than the nuclear thing, and I'm not talking about some silly rule in the Senate.  I get up every morning and look out my kitchen window for 'mushroom clouds.'  If I don't see any I have my first cup of coffee, turn on XBOX1 and play a little golf before getting up for Cup#2.  Later I start breakfast and get on with my day.  Screw Trump, the rest of the REPUGS and the DEMOS.  I have no time for them or their crazy bullshit.


  1. I hear ya! This morning's run around the block in there made me aware that my only remaining aunt is losing it since we just had a messenger chat about the same topic for the third time. All she had to do to answer the question was scroll her screen up.

    A much younger cousin wants me to attend a clothing party for a line of clingy, poorly made and expensive clothing that would show every fat roll and sag that this 67 year old body has. I declined. I've seen those things on her and she's 20 years or more younger than I am. Uhhhhh, nope. I'll stick to jeans.

    Had breakfast, 2 cups of coffee and took my meds while marveling at the dumbing down of America. Time to do some housework. It's a better use of my time.

  2. Sherry - seems we are 'two on the same page,' lol. Sorry to hear about your Aunt (I'm all out of Aunt's/Uncle's), but hopefully it's not Alzheimers. As for your 'younger cousin' ....yeah I'm with you - the word these days is "comfortable." the bell bottoms/hip huggers and the rest" are long gone; I mostly wear gym shorts/jogging shorts/levi's. It's much easier (dressing/appearance/clothes) being 68 than it was 38/48. lol