Saturday, February 11, 2017

Feb 11th ...

We're getting ready to vacate the premises (so that contractor can cover/enclose our patio as well as remodel the main bath).  Our chosen destination is to visit some good friends in Houston for a couple of days and then to meander over to Bossier City (La) and park our RV at our favorite Casino and play BJ/Slots for a week.  While there we will probably take advantage of being in close proximity to "Joe's Crab Shack," one of our favorite eateries, and of course we both love their "bloody mary's."

Plan on being back at the house on or around the 26th Feb.

We will be without 'cable tv' while we are gone which will be blessed relief from all the stupid politics going on.  As for internet - we will have access - but RV Parks are not known for 'good internet connectivity,' so I might be awol from my blog while gone.

Meanwhile..... I will continue to check for 'mushroom clouds,' and hope that the orange buffoon doesn't start WW3.


  1. It was a disappointment to me when I couldn't get my husband to agree to retirement with an RV for travel. However, we worked hard, took advantage of a few opportunities and I am now retired in a home of my own. Mortgage free. Yes it's a newer manufactured single wide, but it's ours. Our land, our home, our taxes. lol. He's semi retired, I'm retired and loving it.

    Janis Ian calls the buffoon Cheetolini. Since I read that, in FB, whenever I begin to get agitated over his latest, I think of that and laugh. Then I find something happy to do.

    Have a happy adventure in Texas.

  2. "Mortgage Free" is an envious position to be in - congratulations to you both. We lived in a double-wide mobile home for 10 years before retiring in 2010. We loved the place! Probably should of never sold it and the land. Never thought of it as being 'less a house than a regular one.' After retiring we lived in our RV 24-7 and traveled all over the bottom 48 till we got tired of it. I.e., road construction, sorry roads, rv parks, etc etc .'you see one mountain range/beach you've seen them all (almost). Anyway we decided to buy a house here in Oklahoma close to the kids and use the RV for short trips (2-3 weeks) only. So far this is working out ok, but we have no desire to go back on the road 'full-time.' Trust me - we don't miss it at all - but - we had to 'try it' because that was our dream - and we did - and we enjoyed it for a while - and now we don't have that dream anymore, lol.

    Btw, we both LOVE being retired - you can't beat it - you just don't get 'weekends/holidays' anymore.

    Take care, ice