Friday, March 24, 2017

People Of Earth 

Rotating, spinning, toward ... where?

Nowhere - but - "What a fucking trip!

This world is so upside-down.  

Here we are - millions/trillions of "little insect-like" humans (our name for ourselves) scurrying around, each with our own individual missions - for what?  


Nothing really matters, and like my dear ol dad always said "a hundred years from now - nobody will know the difference."

Those words reverberate in my head as I watch the 'political theater' unraveling in Washington D.C. - and marvel at why humans are so fricking stupid, dumb, vain and arrogant.  

Yeah, no truer words have ever been uttered except perhaps - 'shit happens.'

I've always had a problem with society in general.  Society is that ever changing (slowly though) set of rules that govern us all - based solely on the "will" of those in power, who are usually (but not always) in the majority.  The rest of us are forced to abide by their rules, regardless of whether they are actually right or wrong.  Btw, "Right" is defined as that which is determined by society; everyone else - "SIT DOWN and SHUT UP~!"

But ... sitting down and shutting up doesn't fit with some of us.

In my idle time while postulating to myself about this crap (society) I dream up the 'perfect society type person.'

I will refer to him as he - even though a society rule dictates to be PC (short for Politically Correct) I should refer to my imaginary character as either - "he/she."  But, I don't, so, you will just have to adapt to "my rule" or quit reading, which is entirely your right (according to my rules).

This "perfect society type person" is - a white dude, of average age, height, hair color, attitude, humor, and weight, married with one and a half children (don't ask where the other half is) who goes to church every Sunday morning, prays to his god and throw a buck in the collection plate.  He goes to work on the following Monday, screws everyone to the best of his ability for his own good and comes home to a supper of 'chicken fried steak/green beans' before departing for the ballpark to coach his 8 year old son at the grand sport of "Baseball."  There's more but I'm bored with this description at the moment - so I will round his character out a little more later.

Society has it's fingers in "everything."  You can't go P with out violating a society rule somewhere along your path to the shitter.

We have to write a certain way, capitalize certain words, insert commas, and maker sure all the 'rules' are followed to the T.

But there are 'small, but bright spots,' in the literary landscape.  For example - the proper way to write is going 'off the rails' a little at a time.  If you don't believe me just check out some of the stuff you now see on the internet, misspelled words, words used improperly and a lack of proper placement of periods, commas and so on.  

We can deal with all these dinky things or we can jump to the big point in this piece.

The world is slowly becoming more liberal with each passing minute on the clock.  This is just natural - for when one thinks about it - seriously thinks about it - it's obvious that as time goes on - the thinking of humans revolves around to accepting the inevitable - "nobody gets off the planet alive."  Yeah I know - that's a tired old cliche - but it works.  And, as more and more of us (humans) realize where we're really headed - it's only natural to not give a flying fuck about traditional values.  In fact, I predict that at some point in our future - society will eventually cease to be a word that has any meaning at all.

Society's big problem is - "Society doesn't accept the FACT that we are on a deserted piece of dirt floating through a place we have very little information about and UNTIL we do, we and "what we do and say" won't matter.

Someday - "maybe" our situation will change but for now we just don't make a difference.

Have A Good Day - Paul Harvey!


  1. I get tired of trying to make some people understand that what works for them can't always work for others. Someone who makes $100,000 a year has far more opportunities than someone making $20,000 a year. It's sad that so many people seem to not grasp that they won't be any more successful by stepping on the necks of those less fortunate. Truthfully, I prefer the company of those less fortunate, they have bigger hearts.

  2. LoL I think I finally figured this thing out. Hello, Ice.

    1. Hello Ms Moon .. thanks for stopping by.